Agréée par Ord. Min. n°530/1239 du 23/08/2004 - Tél.: +257 75 496 524+257 75 496 524 - Email: [email protected]
Nouvelle génération des leaders dont les innovations et entreprises répondent aux besoins socio-économiques de leurs communautés!

Youth Action for Development,YAD asbl

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Who We Are?

We are change makers! The powerful impact of social entrepreneurship!

What Is YAD?

This is a community-based organization officially recognized as a not for profit social business with the government of Burundi through its Ministry of Interior under the registration n°530/08/2004 (equivalent to a US 501(c)(3).

Our vision is to create better futures through business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship and community services.

Our mission is to create the next generation of young entrepreneurs leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address the major unmet needs of our community.

Then for us working in entepreneurship, this concept is defined by us as the action of creating a new commercial or social enterprise is most crucial.

YAD directly targets primary, secondary, university and out-of-school young boys and girls aged 15 - 30 from both urban and rural areas across the country. They are particularly high-risk and in critical need of interventions that assist them in recovery and filling social, behavioral, educational, and other developmental gaps resulting from extended periods of inter-ethnic unrest in their communities. The intent is that, as more youth take part, more become economically self-reliant, civically active, and socially responsible - critical traits needed in building a better future in every community.

Since its inception, YAD has led a variety of community development and youth livelihood programs which include the (1) 40 training and capacity building seminars and workshops in dthat over 400 participants attended, (2) provision of business skills to help 20 youth within the inner community create income generating activities of which 60% are actually self-employed and have improved their livelihoods, (3) organizing Global Entrepreneurship Weeks 2008 – 2013 of which at least 20,000 participants attended, etc.


For your attention, please!


We are pro-active change makers! Self-sufficiency is a huge goal for our organization and already we are running without the support of any grants or Government funding. Our members contribute and we do, from time-to-time, however ask for special help from individual donors of good will like you.


- We do not receive any aid organization support;

- We do not receive any financial grants;

- We do not receive any government support.


We are currently accepting wire transfer donations. In the next few weeks, we will start to receive online donations through Visa card & PayPal. Please do not hesitate to email us if you are of good will to support this effort or stay connected to this website for updates!