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Nouvelle génération des leaders dont les innovations et entreprises répondent aux besoins socio-économiques de leurs communautés!

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What We Do?

1. Education to Entrepreneurship and Startups Skills

Our training curriculum is designed to help entrepreneurs think through every aspect of their business from the core idea to the revenue model. It offers the following company-building classes (1) Start a business, (2) Grow a business, and (3) Use a Smart Technology for a Smarter Business.

2. Community & home sanitation & hygiene:


The home hygiene practices purpose is to prevent any infection in the home and the peri-domestic setting. The key messages of the program include: (1) Food hygiene, that is safe cooking and storage of food, safe disposal of food waste; (2) Personal hygiene (including hand washing with soap before and after eating, working,… to mention a few); (3) General hygiene (surface cleaning, laundry, etc.); (4) Home health care; (5) Control of wastewater and rainwater; (6) Care of domestic animals and pets; (7) Control of insects.


For communities without access to safe sanitation and water supply, it also means: (1) Safe disposal of human faeces; (2) Household water including safe storage, handling & point-of-use treatment…


3. Conflict Transformation


YAD also specializes in training youth & community leaders in creative ways to intervene in conflict. For the past two years, our staff members have been equipping those leaders to develop proactive approaches to community conflict. "Conflict Transformation" is using the energy of conflict to address not only the issues and relationships among parties, but also the structural causes of conflict. In all our training workshops – we have been using the Peace Skills curriculum developed by Plowshares Institute ( Selected workshop participants become trainers themselves. Equipped with advanced mediation and transformation skills, local leaders have disseminated the training into their communities. Multiethnic and multicultural teams of mediators trained in these programs have helped transform communities dealing with problems from community policing to public education.


4. New Generation Film School


The New Generation Film School intends to train talented youth to all aspects of film making - scriptwriting, casting, acting, camera, sound, editing, marketing and distribution. It will empower them to film their stories, share their films at local events and get feedback at community screenings. We will educate youth to be exceptional storytellers, and encourages them to find the unique and extraordinary aspects of their story that their community needs to hear and then learn from. New Generation Film School will then validate and empower these capable voices by surrounding them with professionals, who maximize their idea to its full potential and then celebrate them on the local and international level. The priority themes for scriptwriting include green startups, sanitation and hygiene and conflict transformation issues. 

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